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03-19-2006, 09:33 AM
The Director

I was sitting in my spy vehicle trying to remain out of site of any muggles that may be searching for me. I was feeling quite fulfilled (just ate lunch) at the moment. I was confident in my safety from the muggles (started to doze off) when a man in blue knocked on my window (wasnít supposed to be parked there, oopppss). He advised me it was time for me to get on with the mission (move it or get a ticket). So off I wentÖ

A man with a past was the mission today. Find this mystery man and find out what his story is all about. So I was off cruising downtown Portland with my spy guide (gps unit) and attachť case (my folder) at the ready. As we were going downtown we noticed that there a lot of young muggles (concert at the Civic Center tonight) which would increase the danger level greatly (one might run out front of me, crazy kids) for this mission. Now feeling it was critical to remain on target (follow the co-ords) and at a steady pace( donít want another visit from the man in blue). Our spy guide lets us know we are close but we decide to circle the block again (canít find a place to park). The next time around we park the spy vehicle and feed the man (meter) to protect it from the men in blue.

We pause to make sure it is safe (a lot of traffic) before continuing the mission. We see the target and step in front of him freezing his advance (it is a statue). We look around and see no muggles on our tail and snap a picture of the man. Then we advance to the bushes where we were told we could find more of the story. So we hunt and hunt for the clue and amazingly when we take a break from hunting and lean on the post (a tablet with the story of the corner on it) we discover the clue. We have just found the key to unraveling this mans past. We take out our spy cam and snap another shot as we want to avoid the muggles (uhm, forgot my folder in the car). Back in the spy vehicle we decide to pack up and head for central (the apartment) to solve this in top secret (warmth).

At central we sit in our favorite spy chair and are greeted with warm welcomes from my colleagues (my cats). We unload our spy camera into the spy machine analyzer (your everday pc) for further analysis. We zoom in on the cryptic words (a little bird poo to read through) on the plaque. We are looking for the answers but these answers are all wrong (donít worry, I was in the right place) as this is a story about a man and a corner that was named after him. Is doesnít tell us about our frozen man with a past.

So we scratch our head (had an itch) and it suddenly clicks that maybe the clue lies in finding out more about how this man ties into this corner. So we search on analyzer for the important data. We try the master fail safe (er Google) and we get a hit (actually a few). We decipher (uh, which link has what I want) the meaning of this information the analyzer has shown us. We see what we are looking for and we know this manís past now. So we send the information onto the THE BOSS (virtual cache owner) for approval.
We have done it!! Another mission in the books for 99!!

Wait, is that the spy phone with another mission!!??!! I canít seem to answer the ring with my shoe!! (maybe cause you are not really agent 99).

03-19-2006, 02:35 PM
LOL... You really should try Mission Impossible (GCR9Q9) over at Fort Williams.

03-19-2006, 05:08 PM
you should really change your caching name to Maxwell Smart... would you beleive I can fire 10 nuclear warheads with my GPS??? how about 1??? A guided missle perhaps?? :D:D:D

03-19-2006, 07:00 PM
I actually thought about that as I was signing a log book today. That it would be more fun to sign something such as that then just LWA11.

We took pictures this weekend during our caching and I intend to share them. I will write one story containg this weekends many adventures. We had a blast.

Fort Williams and Mission Impossible will be on the list for sure.

Maxwell Smart

03-20-2006, 10:48 AM
You should post that in your log for the cache. I'm sure the owner of the cache and others would enjoy reading that.

03-20-2006, 02:37 PM
Is always looking for some good stories and this would fit the bill. I bet if you submitted it they would likely put it in the next issue. Give them a try.:D

03-20-2006, 04:19 PM
I will give it a try, why not. lol