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03-21-2006, 01:44 PM
Like I am sure many of you do as well, I feel good when I get compliments on my caches or when I read a detailed happy found log (ok, DNF logs too!). I've also gotten good reviews on my sig items.

On top of that many of you may not know I've had several cachers inquiring about making a copy of my You Sank My Battleship! ( cache. As of yesterday, three copies have been made:

First was Battleships in White Rock ( (GCE19D) by Pharmadude ( (4/3.5) (British Columbia, Canada)

Second was You sank my battleship! ( (GCJRQ1) by Pengy&Tigger ( (4.5/3) (United Kingdom)

Third was Touché-Coulé ( (GCJRQ1) by Marmacette ( (4.5/3) (Quebec, Canada) Click here for semi-translated link ( _details.aspx%3Fwp%3DGCTYBH)

That, and namesake cache - Brdad, you can't do this one in your tux. ( (GCK671) by Nurse Dave ( (2/2)

I've also gotten a few people into geocaching.

Who else here has had inquiries as to their caches, sig items, or appearances that make it all worthwhile?

03-21-2006, 11:37 PM
Last Summer 4 kids from Mass turned 4 of my rubber chickens into TBs. They are now in a race to Kentucky. LOL I found out when one of the parents e-mailed me to find out where I had been so they could find the 4th chicken. I have the TBs on my watch list.