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03-25-2006, 10:58 AM
Saving Lady Victory!!

This mission was explored in two prior visits with an Agent in training (a friend I am trying to interest) and then my fearless (ok maybe not so fearless, the wife) fellow Agent 99. At the second scouting we met two other agents and discussed the possibilities (froze our butts off and saw nothing) of saving the beautiful Lady Victory. So with all the prep work done we got a good nights sleep (after I warmed up!!).

The next morning we headed out for a dirty mission (laundry time) and I quickly knew I needed to break off (Didn’t want to do laundry) and help Lady Victory. Agent 99 gave me an odd look (where do you think you are going!!) and I explained the importance (I am hooked already, sorry, break out the ten step program) of Lady Victory to Portland. So with the backing (she was turned around) of my partner, I took off for Lady Victory.

I parked the spy vehicle around the corner to keep it out of sight of the muggles. I strolled up to muggle central and it was quiet but within minutes muggles were gathering. Them seemed t be waiting in two strategic spots and I was worried for my safety so I slinked by the first spot (a bus stop) with no trouble. I stayed as far away from the second as I could because I knew it would not lead me to anywhere but trouble(it was across the street at the library and not in my search area). The muggles entering this location all seemed pretty anxious to get into their building (it was cold out still) and get on with their work.

I was anxious to get started on my assignment before any trouble (the wife tracking me down) could brew for me. I walked with my head down (hoping upon hope to find something out of place) to try to look inconspicuous to the muggles. A well worn muggle approached me (a homeless man) and then spoke to me (wanted some money). I thought I was a goner at that point and put on my best muggle face (handed him a dollar) which must have worked as he left quickly with a smile.

As step by step went without finding the way to save Lady Liberty I was becoming discouraged (getting really cold). Just when I thought it could get no worse Agent 99 pulled up in her sleek spy vehicle (ah, a ford escort!!). She approached with urgency (was that steam coming out of her head and fire out of her eyes?) and I became concerned (fight or flight, fight or flight…hhmm). I stayed (fight or flight= froze) and waited for her intelligent wisdom (ah, sure). She informed me that her mission was off and spinning but she needed to return soon to make sure it was going well and the transfer happened smoothly. She offered to go get us something (hot chocolate) to blend in with the muggles better and off she went to spy central (D&D).

As she left I was concerned that I may not be the one to help Lady Liberty and decided to sit on a corner and ponder why I was so useless tot his lovely Lady. As I sat in a deep trance I was becoming one with the Lady to try and feel what was different about her or her surroundings. I was taping into the Jedi way I was taught in spy (SW 1-6) school. Then I awakened suddenly (fire truck went by, loud!!) and had a burst of energy (needed to find this or pee my pants). Then just as I was ready to pack it in and head for home with an empty heart (log a DNF) for not helping Liberty I saw something in the corner of my eye (a piece of hair?). I inspected and there it was, the key to saving Lady Victory was right before me in PLAIN SIGHT!! I entered the information to save her but now needed to put the spy info back in place for the next Agent to further the cause. I knew this would be tricky and when Agent 99 returned we decided on a strategy (stand here honey). Then confident the muggles had no idea what was about to happen I acted with the speed of a frozen ninja!! I slipped it back into place and then we embraced (we are married so embracing is foreign and reserved for special occasions, like geocaching!!) like regular muggles to throw them off the trail. We headed back to her mission (time to fold the laundry!!).

03-26-2006, 08:47 AM
LOL, sounds like my visit a few days ago but you left out the DNFP that I almost had....... (did not find parking :) ) but it was a funn little cache all the same. definatly a trick to recover without being seen :)

03-26-2006, 10:17 AM
probably the one advantage I have in living intown. DNFP is unlikely. I know where to go!!

03-27-2006, 10:34 PM
ahhh, many a sad times has my geo-days been ruined by the wrought and foul task of laundry....fortunatley they have classic pac-man and dig dug at the laundromat (i think they get more money from me outta that machine than they do the washer and driers!!)