View Full Version : New version of PalmOS-based geocaching software

04-29-2006, 06:55 PM
I am pleased to announce the release of V1.40 of my PalmOS-based geocaching software GeoNiche (

This release has many updates and improvements, including:

Turn-by-turn features
Memory of previous Bluetooth GPS Receiver selection
Importation of points of interest and driving directions from Google Maps
Sending of targets/routes to other handhelds and PC's with Bluetooth
Exportation of GPX files to memory card, internal memory, Bluetooth, and E-mail
More information and CANCEL buttons to "Please Wait" messages
Color presets
A confirmation dialog when re-acquiring a target from the Navigation Mode screen
Target offset capability to the target popup menu
Various enhancements for PalmOS v5.4 (icon, default buttons, hard button defaults)
Target count to the route details screen
Various proximity options
Garmin iQue support

For more information, visit