View Full Version : GSAK Macros for custom find/hide lists

Cache'n Jacksons
07-20-2006, 10:23 PM
I've wanted to add a geocaching page to my website ( for a while, but it would have been a major PITA to list all the finds and keep them updated. Too much work! I figured GSAK ( might be able to do it, but the built-in HTML Export wasn't what I wanted. Turns out the GSAK Macros are just the ticket, and they are not as intimidating as I first thought! I was able to take pieces from two sample macros, throw in a couple new lines of code, and mix well with pieces from my existing website, and now I have a simple macro that will update my hides/finds listing page ( with one button click! :)

I've attached the macro below which works fine in my GSAK 6.6.2. It has been written with my own filter and file path names in it, but these can easily be changed. Feel free to customize it and use it as your own, and let me know how it works!