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09-03-2006, 10:11 PM
Spent sunday in the Bangor area caching,had a really good time.Went to places I have wanted to go forever,but never took the time.One place though(Marina Meander)brought back memories of a trip last year.:eek:

I was at the store having breakfast on a sunday morning in late sept. last year.My friend Justin pops in and asks if I would like to go boating on the penobscot river.Saids he's going to go down to Bucksport from Hampden,the foilage is suppose to be awesome.So not knowing any better I say sure why not.Quick trip over to the house,grab some snacks and the dogs and we are off.:cool:

I should point out that Justin has a big pontoon boat that I thought we would be taking on this adventure.Turns out that would be wrong ,as he shows up with a 14' aluminum boat and a 8hp motor.He saids not to worry ,the river is real calm.:rolleyes:

We leave from Hampden at what must be close to low tide,as we had to back down a huge hill to get to the water.For the first couple of miles everything is find,and he is right the senery is awesome.Neither of us has ever been down the river before.As we are approaching ,I think Winterport Justin ask if I would like to stop and stretch my legs.maybe because my legs are 3' long and the boats seat is 10" off the floor he thought They might be getting cramped!!:D

There was a tug boat tied up to a pier or wharf (what I know about boating could be put in a thimble and never be found again)at a fish plant?? There is a R.H.Foster's station up on the hill from the dock.So we decide to go get some thing to eat.Walking through the fish plant I'm carring the dogs.Soon as we get to the other side ,I let them go,big mistake.They are soon rolling in something in the parking lot.Turns out to be rotted fish:eek:

While Justin is in getting us something to eat I'm dunking the dogs in the windshield washing bucket and wiping them off with paper towels.Helps to have 7 lb dogs!There hair is full of fish slime.:(

After dinner we head back to the boat,which we have tied up next to this huge tug boat.I notice that the water is now rushing by the boat.Justin saids it's because the tide is now coming in.No ****!! He fires up the little motor but doesn't have enough power to pull away from the dock.I have to help push us off.then jump in.If any of you are familar with this spot on the river you know its quite wide here.As we head out into the middle of the river ,the ocean is rushing in ,the river is rushing out and the wind is blowing sideways.We are just kinda bobbing in the middle,with the waves breaking over the boat in all directions.The dogs are shaking,or maybe its me thats shaking.Justin finally asks if I think we should head back?Hell yes!!:eek:

We did adventually make it back to Hampden,maybe a little wiser.I would like to do this trip again someday with someone who knows the river and a lot bigger boat.Just thought i would share this memory with you.:D

09-03-2006, 10:30 PM
Hehe, and it was just supposed to be a three hour tour right???

that's kinda like rollin a jeep sideways down a rocky hill and havin people stand there and say "now what'd ya try and do that for????" :D Haha i think we've all been in situations like that before. :rolleyes:

09-03-2006, 10:35 PM
:o) I love good stories like that!

09-07-2006, 07:13 AM
Great tale, vicbiker! I like starting my day with a well-painted picture like that.

09-07-2006, 10:08 PM
Great tale, vicbiker! I like starting my day with a well-painted picture like that.Glad I could start your day off on a good note.Glad also that after that trip I get to start my days off period!!:D