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parrothead cacher
12-19-2006, 09:08 AM
Hard to believe, but the cache we had lost and then turned up, and rehid in another location along the same trail, has been stolen again. :eek:
the cache is the new basin pond TB lodge. about 5 weeks ago we decided to go hide a new cache in the area. We went to our old basin rock location and lo and behold the cache was there. :D We had archived the cache since we thot it was gone for good. It was all intact but not covered or hidden and there were a couple of logs nearby. So we assumed someone had taken it just to play a trick on us. :mad:
We were quite surprised and happy to see that it was back. So we decided to rehide it farther of the trail and give it a new name, Basin Pond.
2 cachers found it and then it was a DNF. the 2 cachers who found it reported the coords as right on, so the DNF was surprising. then the 2nd DNF occured and the cacher was nice enough to send us a pix of where he thot it should have been. Sure enough, that was the place and it is missing yet again.
We think the same person who took it in the 1st place is a local who frequently walks his dog along that trail. He probably noticed that the 1st cache was gone so went looking for the new cache. Or could have seen a path into the woods and just followed it and found the 2nd cache, and decided to play more tricks. Or he looks up local caches and simply takes them thinking it is fun. :confused:
We decided to replace the cache with a smaller container and hide it in the same place. Hoping the thief will not go back there unless it is to replace the ammo can.
We will leave a caution note in there to not leave any tell-tale geo signs and to try not to leave a path. There will also be a note in there to the person who is playing games. The cache will also be for premium members only.
If there are any other suggestions for securing a cache, other than chaining it to a tree or rock, please let us know.
Another cache in the area, was stolen the same time as our 1st cache and I don't think the owners have found that one. it was another ammo can.
We also hid a small cache in another part of the woods and people have been finding that OK. Don't know why the thief has not bothered with that one unles he doesn't know about it or has not seen any tell tale signs that a cache is there.
The caches hidden in cemeteries have not been stolen either. Only this ammo can and only in this area, leading us to think it is a local who frequents the area.
I wish there was a cache FBI or someway to find these thieves and spoil-sports.
Team Pirate Island