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02-28-2007, 08:56 AM
Last Saturday my brother and two buddies went on a local sled ride. We did a little more than 167 miles and experienced some of the best local riding I have seen in several years. Better yet, no one was hurt and no one broke down (unlike an experience two weeks ago when my brother-in-law ended up losing not just one, but two of his skis from his sled).

We ended up going from Thorndike to Frye Mountain and then through Liberty, Palermo, China and Albion and eventually worked our way into Benton and then moved on up to Canaan and down into Hartland and Newport before heading home.

So why am I mentioning all this . . . simply because in all these miles I couldn't believe how many cache sites I passed by . . . it was like a trip down memory lane.

In no particular order . . . I passed my own Win or Lose cache, Cache in on a Great View of Knox (that's the one near the old school bus), The Once Frye Mountain Fire Tower, Sheepscot Quick Stop, Branch Pond, Branch Pond Boat Landing, Hummingbird Family Photo, China Lake Micro, Rt. 2 Tour in Palmyra (I didn't go right by this cache, but I was near the store down the road), Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, one cache that I forgot the name of -- located near China Lake on the snowmobile trail -- one of Hanson Road Explorer's classic caches I believe), PP Boat Launch, I've Found my Thrill and a few archived caches -- Libby Hill Road Rails to Trails, Don't Lean on the Railing (I bet a few of you can remember that sketchy looking snowmobile/suspension bridge) and A Cache For Dad and Mom that was in the Wendy's (now Tim Horton's) lamp post.

While the day's riding was great . . . it was actually kind of fun to relive some of the memories of finding those caches . . . remembering the early experiences of finding the Frye Mountain caches, remembering how I was skittering across the slippery ice at Branch Pond, remembering hanging out with Becket and Hollora on our search for Snow White . . . lots of great memories.