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01-21-2005, 12:30 PM
Wow!!! I would like to congratulate Macfriends on their 1000th find. I can't imagine getting to 1000 in my lifetime and especially here in Maine. I'm sure there were other states involved in to get that number but still it is quite the accomplishment. May you get 1000 more.

01-21-2005, 02:40 PM
And did you see that they got to 1,00 in less than 2 years!

Wow! Don't I keep saying "It IS about the numbers"?

If I could only get RULOST2? to retire, maybe we could catch up! :D

01-21-2005, 02:56 PM
I didn't say how long they have been at it but I would surmise it has been longer than 2 years.

01-21-2005, 03:10 PM
I SAID how long they had been caching - LESS THAN 2 YEARS. :D

They've only been caching since April 2003.

01-21-2005, 03:30 PM
Wow!!!! ,that is quite the accomplishment then isn't it. Makes my measley 200 something seem miniscule now doesn't it? :cool:

Beach Comber
01-21-2005, 07:07 PM
Fabulous!! That is quite an accomplishment - hope you enjoyed each and every one and have the opportunity to do another 1000!

01-21-2005, 07:20 PM
And I also note that they did it without any "locationless" caches! LOL!

They're expected at the WWWWWW event - congratulate them there.

01-21-2005, 08:31 PM
Congrats on 1,000. I can only imagine that there are 1,000 stories to match.

01-22-2005, 07:13 AM
Congratulations on 1000 caches. Guess I gotta get retired and go at this full time!! :D

Cache Maine
01-22-2005, 09:25 PM
It was nice to meet and congratulate you in person today at the Winslow cache event. Here's to 1000 more...