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10-01-2007, 08:00 AM
If anyone likes mackeral they sure are running in Blue Hill bay!:) A couple of my friends and I went yesterday and we got 117 fish in about 3 hours. What fun!:D

Now for those of you who might say - what a not dispare. We love to eat mackeral. I have them all cleaned, wrapped and frozen in meal size packages. Yum, yum. :) For those of you outdoor folks, these can even be done over the campfire. The ones I cooked last night I rolled in butter, panko flakes and a squirt of lemon juice.

We were using a couple kinds of mackeral jigs - tubes and feathers. It didn't seem to matter. They were biting whether we were trolling or just sitting still. ;) A fun day and the colors are just starting to look beautiful down that way.

There are several boat launches in the area and some caches too. If you like to fish this is a good way to get your fix.;)

Everyone enjoy this nice fall weather. We will be watching the flakes fall soon.

10-01-2007, 06:38 PM
If it lives in the water, I won't eat it! But I do so love to go fishing! LOL!

RULOST2? and I enjoy camping at Seaview Campground in Eastport, and always try and hit it during late summer when the mackeral are running. :D

(I bring them back for my parents. RULOST2? won't even eat the nasty things!)

10-01-2007, 07:57 PM
4 at a time was quite a thrill on the mackrel jigs. It was fun to see them follow the line in and jump and swirl around the ones we caught. I grew up trout fishing. Remember photos where we had stings of them on a stick. Ah, memories.

I think our elders sort of grew up eatting them. I like them but wouldn't for a steady diet. My elderly aunt told me she would love to have some so I will take some down to her.

Everyone has a different taste for food, likes - dislikes, medical restrictions, concerns about contaminants, etc. It is fun sharing experiences and even learning about others dietary habits. Sometimes you find something new you like.

10-01-2007, 08:32 PM
I can remember a time quite a few years ago as a family we used to go camping a lot down to Small Point on the coast. There used to be quite a few canadians who would camp out there as well. One day my late father-in-law and myself when out in the boat and trolled for mackeral with jigs like that. We would sometimes hook 2 or 3 at a time and it was great fun. I wasn't too crazy about the mackeral but my father-in-law loved them. Anyway to make a long story short we brought back a whole 5 gallon pail of them one afternoon in just a couple of hours fishing for them. As we went past one of the campsites there was a bunch of canadians there and they inquired as to what we had caught. We noticed that they had a bunch of lobsters that they had just purchased. Well before long we had struck up a deal and traded our mackeral for all the lobsters they had, approximately 12 or so 2 pounders plus ( dumb canucks) No offense I can still remember the look on my father-in-laws face as we came to our camp and told the story of our trade. What a lobster feed we had that day!!! All thanks to those (dumb canucks)