View Full Version : Ahoy Pirates Who Attended the 2007 Event in Maine

10-29-2007, 05:26 PM
All of us have been sailing the Geocaching seas since the event.:) I am hoping some Pirate who attended put a special TB in the booty bag and it has become forgotten.:eek:

One of the TBs at the 2007 Maine Pirate Quest was a photo copy of a US Passport with a TB tag. A number of folks discovered it - and it was not left on the TB table when everyone departed.

One of the attendees (who was a new cacher) inadvertantly logged it as retreived when she did not take it. :o We got that corrected and dropped it back in the event hoping whoever took it would log it out.

We have a Pirate who has not owned up to the deed of taking this plunder. The TB owner would like this back in circulation:cool: - or someone may walk the plank.

If you sailed your ship to the Event last March - please check your booty and sail bags for the missing Passport TB. You don't have to declare on here - just punch in the trackable number on to get it logged and move it along.;)

Who knows - there might even be a bounty...............:)