View Full Version : Gob-Ler reaches 3000!!!!!

Team Richards
02-28-2008, 07:54 PM
Wow 3000.
I am trying to think of a time that I had 3000 of anything.
Weeds on my lawn, bills to pay, holes in eight 2x4 ceiling tiles
If you did one cache a day it would take over eight years to reach 3000.
I wonder how far 3000 cache placed end to end would go in miles.


02-28-2008, 08:29 PM
congratulations - what an accomplishment! here's to the next 3000!

02-28-2008, 08:33 PM
Great job Gobbler!!!! Now you can get serious about the upcoming Spring Turkey hunt. You ever hunt the big boys on snowshoes? Keep those caches coming Dick!!!!!!

Kaching Karen
02-28-2008, 08:43 PM
WOW! That's incredible. It will take me 20 years to get that far!

02-28-2008, 09:30 PM
You told me you were going to do it and you did. Congrats!!

Katadin Goddess
02-28-2008, 09:59 PM
keep it up gobler, the gas company loves you

02-29-2008, 12:13 AM
3,000.....and 2,000 of those are FTF's!! Just kidding....but you certainly give the rest of us motivation and the ability to see that those numbers are possible. What a great accomplishment...! Kudos...

02-29-2008, 07:29 AM
Way to go Gob-ler!!!

02-29-2008, 07:56 AM
Nice Job Gob-bler, maybe someday I will get there. Congrats

02-29-2008, 08:38 AM
Wow, it seems like just yesterday that I was reading that MSCREP had seized the top spot from Gob-ler! Way to go Dick!

I was thinking of putting out a tribute cache for HD's 2000th find, but before I could you hit this milestone!!! Way to go!!

02-29-2008, 09:02 AM
A wonderful accomplishment - and many memories along the way. May you enjoy many more!

02-29-2008, 09:27 AM
Congratulations! Cache on!

02-29-2008, 10:07 AM
Congratulations Dick! So many stories to tell. :)

02-29-2008, 05:49 PM
Way to go Dick! I can only imagine getting that far.

team moxiepup
02-29-2008, 07:12 PM

03-01-2008, 08:24 AM
I just reviewed Gobbler's recent finds. Talk about some impressive daily finds!!! And the FTF when Dick beat JohnnyCache, wow. You make all of us Maine cachers proud to have you as our caching leader!! Now on to 4000........

03-01-2008, 08:28 AM
Congrats on the milestone and I'm sure glad that I was along on a few of them. We'll plan the road trip soon. Something like the Rhode Island DeLorme. :) I need to complete the Fizzy Challenge this Spring.