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03-31-2005, 09:01 PM
Just a friendly thread to see what kind of inventory my fellow cachers have collected since signature items have become so popular. I was suprised at how many I had now that I have them all in one place. I also found I have more than one from a couple of cachers. My list is as follows:
Team Nirvana whistle
Team Nirvana eraser
Neon Couple coin
Haffy 6 water jet cut magnet (scarce) :D
Cameoooooo caching essentials #22
Sudonim coin and sticker
Black Burn coin
WhereRWe & RULOST2 caching permit
Brdad marbles (2)
Forest Nymph acorn (green one after a trade)
Greenebbs magnet
Team Teebow key chain
Ahbah coin
Parmachenee parmachenee belle fly
Msteelee cardinal
Triple-G item (?)
Team NAB card
Beach Comber thumb tacks (3) (don't ask me how that happened) :p

I'm sure there are others around here somewhere, but this is the bulk of them. There are many more I need to get, but all in time.

03-31-2005, 09:21 PM
Only one Parmachenee Belle fly????? There are four different ones out there!! :eek:

03-31-2005, 09:28 PM
OK Frank, I guess those other ones I saw I didn't pay close enough attention to. I'll do better moving forward. ;)

Beach Comber
03-31-2005, 10:43 PM
Holy Smokes! There are four different ones? I, too, will be paying more attention!!

In addition to the thumbtacks I have put out, I have also placed about a half dozed beach treasure magnets. They are the ones that I have posted in the gallery. I'll admit though, I have moved back to thumbtacks for the time being and will place a few more magnets along the way this year.

I have some of the ones that you listed Brad and some others as well - including some from out-of-state cachers! Ok - I had to just go through my pile and list the ones I have.......

Noreasta boat
Parmachenee Bell (only one!)
Mainac button
Haffy Maine bill
Neo Couple coin - one left in Daytripper, one from Wings event 2004
WhereRWe? & RULost2? Geocacher Permit
Wudeater & Wife Maine pin
Wudeater & Wife CITO kit
brdad marbles (three!)
Msteelee cardinal
Triple G popsicle stick
Cameoooooo building blocks
Flwrldy & buds wire flower
Pandagram Seaglass pin
Skippysan crocheted mouse
JLL&Purple pencil
Escape VA Bag O Toys (VA)
American Nurse hospital charm (FL)
Zuurtje Scouting Regio patch
Team Nirvana whistle
The Li'l Bears (KY) card
Team Nab (TN) card
Team SpongeBob card
Keagriver card
GeoMaine CITO bag
Pocket Fishing Kit (not sure who's this is, but I've seen them in many caches)
Stained glass with birch bark (not sure who's this is, but I've seen them in many caches)

Fun! I love to collect these and can't wait to find more this year to add to my collection!

04-01-2005, 08:23 AM
I see that someone is also putting out a card promoting, but without attribution to the card's distributor.

Is this supposed to be a signature item or just a website promotional item?

Cache Maine
04-01-2005, 09:03 AM
-MsTeeLee-cardinal on a rock
-Brdad-photo marble
-Team Nirvana-whistle, erasers and highlighter
-Beach Comber-seashell tacks and sea glass magnet
-WhereRWe? & RULOST2?-Maine Geocacher Permit (2)
-Parmachenee-Parmachenee Belle Fly
-EverQuestR's-keychain, not sure if this is really their "sig item" but it's neat because it has EverQuest on it
-Aefuss-Earth marble (2)
-D & I-silverware handle
-wudeater-maine geopin, cito kit
-~NIMH~-geocache magnet
-N1SDR-geocache cd
-Sudonim-Maineiacs sticker and coin (2)
-GeoMaine-Cito Kit
-Mainepod-coords pencil
-Flwrlady & Buds-wire flower
-Patty G-bandaid kit, shark keychain
-Hiker Twins card
-G Team card
-Last Cache Bashe of Summer magnet
-Shell We Cache-seashells
-Draco & Dragonfly-pen
-Ducky-#3 duck, 2004
-luvweather & wife-picture
-Marky & Joani-trackable smashed penny
Mystery items-wall point rock, oregon geo rock "Ace", Happy Caching tree fungus, petrified wood

04-09-2005, 09:48 AM
Have a few from Maine, but could use some more.

06-30-2005, 03:12 AM
wbdent Well we finally got us our own signature item. We have been trying to come up with something for a year now. I will not say what it is yet. I have to fine tune it. It will be in circulation this weekend. I should have about three or four to put in caches up north. You might just have to go to one of the caches I hit this weeknd to get one.

06-30-2005, 08:14 AM (
Have a few from Maine, but could use some more.
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