View Full Version : For the Colorado users - Version 2.54 Beta

07-03-2008, 06:55 AM
There is a new software/firmware upgrade for Colorado owners/users.

Changes made from version 2.51 to 2.54:

* Added ability to turn elevation shading off, included in user profile settings
* Added ability to log a comment with geocaching Field Notes
* Added ability to save map selections to user profile settings
* Added compass setting to saved user profile settings
* Added tracback along current track
* Added ability to determine public land survey or USGS Quad name for Topo 24k HD cartography
* Added progress bar during software updates
* Improved odometer distance calculation
* Improved Wherigo engine
* Improved backlight behavior
* Improved compass / gps heading autoswitch behavior
* Improved keyboard behavior in address & intersection searches
* Improved behavior in low battery state
* Improved behavior of turn-by-turn route recalcuations
* Improved map drawing to eliminate redraws when not necessary
* Improved map drawing to reduce partial map draws
* Improved map drawing to enhance appearance of trails
* Improved usability of WGS84 by listing as a datum rather than just a spheroid
* Improved automatic track archiving when archiving very lengthy activity segments
* Increased maximum number of GPX files processed to 200
* Corrected guidance text to not truncate streets when not necessary
* Corrected behavior of proximity alarms in custom points of interest
* Corrected potential issues that prevented user alarm from sounding
* Corrected map drawing above 75 degrees latitude
* Corrected potential issue when attempting to delete profiles
* Corrected issue that generated extra waypoints at poweron when 'Mark Waypoint' was the first listed shortcut
* Corrected potential issue preventing 'Waypoints' from being listed in 'Where to?'
* Corrected issue that prevented poor signal strength messages from disappearing if a fix was achieved
* Corrected calculated issue that prevented complete display of large numbers
* Corrected specified schema path for GPX files
* Corrected Dutch keyboard to include 'Z' for address searches
* Corrected User Grid to retain settings between power cycles
* Corrected User Grid to allow 'E' and 'W' for longitude origin entry

cape ann carol
07-03-2008, 10:16 AM
thank you Dick for sharing- I would not have known about the update if you had not posted it- thanks so much!