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Geocaching Maine Newsletter
July 2008 Volume II Issue 7
I. Save a Little, Cache a Lot: Gas Saver Caches
----Side Bar: Say What!? More Geocaching Lingo
II. Geocache and (fill in the blank): Other activities while on the geocache trail
III. Upcoming Events
IV. Media Article of the Past Month
----Side Bar: Call for Technology-Interested Youth
V. Hot Topics of the Past Month
VI. Photos of the Past Month: Geocaching Maine Geocoin Inputs
VII. Quote of the Past Month
I. Save a Little, Cache a Lot
Gas Saver Caches
--Saving money, particularly gas money, is on everyone’s minds lately. After several suggestions for this feature (sorry it was postponed from the June Newsletter) and after Kacky’s great thread start, I’m glad to share thoughts from fellow cachers regarding Gas Saver Caches, and generally how to save money while caching.
--The number one shared idea is to plan ahead! While surely the techie and outdoors-lover in us all plans ahead, it’s sometimes the treasure hunter in us who gets anxious and into our cars without thinking about a route. Vicbiker has held back his treasure hunter ego until after he plans, “I know that when I leave Abbot on a caching trip, I'm looking for density or at least caches on a route or loop.”
--However, not every cacher is looking for the most caches in one day. “To accurately gauge ‘cost savings’, we would have to understand what the individuals consider a ‘value,’” offers TRF, “Personally I think doing 1 or 2 hiking caches is a better value than 15 or 20 GRC or LPC.” Cache series can often be high density and high quality, and unlike multis you get a find for each cache in the series (of course if you find it). Hide_From_The_Kids started a thread Called Favorite Series; check it out at
--Regardless of whether you plan for the great density or great hikes, cachers are sharing many more ideas for saving money while on the hunt. “One way that we save money sometimes is to bring a lunch for the day with drinks, so that you aren’t stopping to buy it all the time,” says Dave1976. Carpooling with a friend is another great idea to save gas money, plus extra eyes help with your find ratio, conveys Sabby. There is a Carpool Caching thread category at
--Read on and contribute to the thread, How do you save money?, at
----Side Bar: Say what!? More Geocaching Lingo
------GRC=Guard Rail Cache, LPC=Lamp Post Cache
------Cache Series is a series of geocaches, each with its own cache page and location. They are generally related by a theme or purpose.
------Multi refers to a cache that has multiple stages. Often a first stage includes the coordinates to the second stage, ultimately leading to the final cache.
------Find and Find Ratio. Finds are the numbers of caches you’ve logged as a find. Find ratio is the number of finds over the number of attempted caches.
------DNF stands for Did Not Find, which are the caches logged as not found.
II. Geocache and (fill in the blank)
Other activities while on the geocache trail
-- Many geocachers enjoy hobbies in addition to geocaching. Our additional hobbies can bring us closer together, creating events and other gatherings. Here are some activities that folks enjoy while caching. Meet folks who share your interests, or even email them!
--Kaching Karen and Darterkitfox are saving gas money by geocaching and bike riding. In the above mentioned Cache Series Thread, Kaching Karen shared her next adventure: Finishing the Route 2 Mystery Tour on bike. “I have three of [the caches] at the eastern end and will do the rest by bike.” Darterkitfox said, “My wife and I biked Lewiston today to gather another 6.”
--Hollora shared her insight on a cache by Mainiac1957. “On the same road into the area of Kan Koozie cache ( is a fishing pond for kids-only fishing (15 years and under, with parents supervision of course). This pond is stocked with trout. It is on Conservation Club property, and open to the public to bring kids to fish.
--Firefighterjake is a fan of geocaching and camping, “Nothing better than hanging around a campfire with friends and good food after a day of caching.”
--Additionally geocachers use geocaching as a means of accomplishing other goals, such as Balinda. “I use caching as a chance to get one on one time with my teenager.”
-- Team Teebow sums it up well, “Geocaching brings you to places that you never knew were there...[like] a great swimming hole, fishing spot, [or] camping opportunity,” and, Squirrelcache adds, it “brings about great opportunities for...creating great memories.” Team Teebow warns, “Geocaching could introduce you to a new hobby that you weren't interested in before.”
--To share your own “geocache and (fill in the blank)”, visit the Forum at
III. Upcoming Events
07/12/08 Slipping into Summer Cache 2008:
08/02/08 Rendez-vous Québec 2008:
09/27/08 First Annual “Get Useless in Eustis” Event:
IV. Media Article of the Past Month
“Geometry class uses geocaching to teach math”
Posted: 06/12/08 BedfordTimesRegister
“To teach her students concepts such as graphing and measures of central tendency, Brown has introduced them to geocaching...”
----Side Bar: Call for Technology-Interested Youth
------Tyler.Duran is diving into geocaching with all his talents. He’s developing a youth mapping collaborative called the Franklin County Geocaching Network (FCGN), “to teach youth how to use both GPS and GIS [technology]; to create a map of the geocache network; and to provide final product of the FCGN project.” If interested, contact Tyler at 778-0900 or email and see the forum:
V. Hot Topics of the Past Month
Annual Turtle Migration:
Borrow GPS units:
Coin deadline
Display Pathtag:
Email/Cell Notifications:
Favorite Series:
Free Geocoin:
Getting into trackables?:
Geocaching Safety:
GPS format converter:
GPS Maze:
Intnl Event?:
July 13th Kayaking event:
Kid friendly?:
Maine Hider Timeline:
Paperless Caching:
Pn-20 cachemate article:
PN-20 accessories sale:
positive weight loss?:
Setting up a new cache:
Thanks for the Relay!:
Using City Nav and Topo:
What is a number run?:
VI. Photos of the Past Month
“Geocaching Maine Geocoin Inputs” designs posted by anyone:
VII. Quote of the Past Month
“My sources are unreliable, but their information is fascinating!” --brdad
~~~Next Month’s Feature: Challenge Caches~~~
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