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08-02-2008, 04:08 PM
You might be interested in this August 11th seminar on the life cycle costs of various heating alternatives in Litchfield, or the Sept 17th forum on do-it-yourself weatherization.

DEP Newsletter describing the first:
Looking for a new heat source?
As home heating oil prices approach $5 a gallon, up from less than $3 at the start of last winter, people are looking for energy alternatives to reduce their use of oil, or even do away with it altogether. But, there are lots of products on the market, and sometimes claims about them are confusing. What is really likely to provide the best value over the long haul?
To help set the record straight, the Litchfield Energy Savers Society is hosting an informational workshop on Monday August 11th at 7 p.m. at the Carrie Ricker School. This workshop will lay out the total costs (installation, operational, and fuel) of many heating options available today. We are very lucky to have Dan Thayer and his staff from the Thayer Corporation of Auburn compare the costs of different heating systems, including: oil, gas/propane, solar-thermal, wood and geothermal (including heat pumps).
Dan is a licensed professional engineer, certified energy manager and president of Thayer Corporation. Thayer is a design/build/maintain mechanical contractor serving Maine and New Hampshire since 1981. Thayer Corporation specializes in customized solutions for all types of mechanical systems for businesses, institutional buildings and residences.

Mark the date: on Wednesday, September 17th Dick Fortier of Efficiency Maine will give a presentation on the most common places to look for cold air infiltration into your home, and how to plug the leaks before this winter.

I'm sure you could search Efficiency Maine's website for more info. The only other contact I have for more information is Beth Nagusky and her office number: 287-5869