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11-08-2008, 10:00 AM
Hi guys,

The 2008 Alabama Geocoins are here! For those who still collect but don't visit the forums often, I didn't want this to be missed. Hope this post is okay!

See the post here:

Orders are officially open!

The coins are 1.75", trackable on with custom icon, and available in THREE finishes -- Gold, Nickel, and LLE BLACK. The LLE Black coin has the pink flower on the front.

There are 200 Nickel, 100 Gold, and 50 Black. The Black are already SOLD OUT. There are currently 20 gold remaining for purchase. Sorry if you missed them!

AGA Nickel Coins will be $8.00 each, and the Gold LE (Limited Edition) AGA Coins will be $10.00 each, and LLE Black will be $12.00 each. The Black are already SOLD OUT.

Coins will be mailed USPS. Shipping is $2.50 for up to 3 coins, and an additional .50 for each additional coin beyond that number. Larger orders can be shipped in a different manner, and actual shipping costs will apply. Coins can also be picked up at events instead of shipping when they arrive. International shipping is an extra $2.00.

To reserve your order, please send an email to "" with your reservation and I will send you an invoice when coins are close to arriving. Please include:

1. Geocaching handle
2. Real Name
3. Address to ship coins, if you want it shipped
4. Number of coins requested in each finish (LE Gold Coins are LIMIT TWO PER CACHER. LLE BLACK coins are limit ONE per cacher.)
5. Email address to send invoice

Any coins not paid in a timely manner (after invoices are sent, of course) will be considered unwanted and go back into the barrel for others to purchase.

Again, bear with me! I may be forgetting something here, so I do reserve the right to request additional information from you!

Thanks guys!

11-08-2008, 12:11 PM
Joefrog is a legitimate person, one who frequently posts on the geocoin forums on It was nice of him to visit here to make sure folks knew about this coin if they wanted one. Many coins are announced on the forums and sold out before they ever show up anywhere else. It depends on the coin of course.