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04-12-2005, 01:56 PM
After a nice long winter I was sitting here trying to remember how to get my Delorme Topo map with all the caches on my PDA again using GSAK. It seems that I forget every year. So I thought I would write up some directions for this. This way I could looked at then every time I forgot and use them:

I am writing this for the Zire 71 and Delorme Topo, but it should be pretty much the same for most PDA’s.

1. First you need to open GSAK.
2. Now you need to SEARCH/FILTER and set up you results so that it includes everything that you want on you Topo map. I take the check mark off HIGHLIGHT OFFLINE HTML. Then click on GO.
3. Now click FILE/EXPORT/DELORME TOPO USA, SA PLUS, ECT… and save it to your hard drive
4. Open up Delorme Topo.
5. Go to DRAW.
6. Click on FILE.
7. Now what I do is remove all the check marks in the fiels that are listed.
8. Click on IMPORT.
9. Now you have to find the text file that you just created from GSAK on your hard drive and open it.
10. This will create a new draw file and it should be check marked.
11. Now go to the MAP DISPLAY tab on the program.
12. I take the check marks off everything except Exits, Roads (Minor), Urban Area Color. This way it will give me a map that will not be such a big file but will be everything I need. You can include all more things but keep in mind the more you have the bigger he file will be and you may have to get a bigger memory card for you PDA. If you do it the way I just mentioned it should only be just under a 3MG file. I have enough memory on my PDA that I can switch between maps. The other map includes a lot more and is routable. This map is a little over 18MG.
14. I leave my DATA EXPORT LEVEL on 10-0.
15. Now I zoom out so that I can see the whole state of Maine.
16. Click on the arrow just under the data export lever and then click each block until you have all of Maine colored in.
17. Now in the FILE column replace the name in there with the name you want to save it as and then click save (this will be the picture of the computer disk).
18. Now you’re done with Topo.
19. Open up your PalmOne Quick Install program.
20. Click ADD
21. Find the file you just created. It should be in C:/Delorme Docs/Mobile Maps.
22. Once you have the file listed then drag it from the top box to the bottom box which will move it to the expantion card.
23. Now you can close the your PalmOne Quick Install program.
24. Now do you Hot Sync.
25. Now you done and your caches and map should be all set you will have to select that map to be used though.

Written by Attroll

04-12-2005, 02:05 PM
Phew!!! That was soooooo easy. Now I have to get my Palm and I should be all set. I have a 1 gig card so would I be able to get all the info on it? :eek:

04-12-2005, 05:00 PM
OK - I did that, but why is there smoke coming from my PDA? :eek: