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04-16-2005, 09:13 PM

According To Zoe...

Are Nuts

By Todd Hansell ,
aka Gargoyle! ( other day I walked into the kitchen where my wife Lisa was cooking and my 2-year-old daughter Zoe was sitting at the table. I noticed a new bag of cashews on the counter from Trader Joes so I opened them and ate some. Zoe motioned that she also wanted some so I gave her a few. Then I thanked my wife for getting me nuts.

Well Zoe then starts fussing a little and starts asking for something. I looked at her and asked what she wanted...

"Geocachers" she says.

"You want geocachers?" I ask.

Lisa then looks at her and asks the same thing. My wife and I are looking at each other amused yet still wondering what she wants. Then I asked her to point and she pointed at the table and then at me...

"Geocachers" she says calmly, smiling.

Well I looked down and realized that she wasn't pointing at me. She was pointing at the bag of cashews. She was not familiar with the word cashews but she was familiar with the word geocachers. I burst out in laughter as Lisa puts her hand on her forehead and shakes her head.

So I gave Zoe a few more cashews and she holds one up and proudly proclaims "Geocachers!" and pops it into her mouth.

She is a very cute little girl...