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04-16-2005, 09:22 PM
Top Ten

Geocacher Halloween Party Tips

By Torry (

10. Don't use your address on the invitation, use coordinates instead. Send the wrong coords to the people you don't like.

9. Costume Tip: Make a papier-mache tree trunk with arm- and leg-holes. Attach $1 bills to the branches. You're a cache log.

8. Party game: Graveyard Cache-A-Thon! Provide shovels.

7. Costume Tip: Don't show up. Send all the others an e-mail asking them if they liked your DNF costume.

6. Costume Tip: Decorate a shirt with pictures of coffee cups and seabirds. You're a muggle.

5. Forget the fancy platters. Put everything into Tupperware.

4. Take a group into deep woods. Hold a seance for missing signal.

3. Scary Halloween Hayride: One driver and a wagonful of caching chronics shouting directions from their GPS maps.

2. Place some of the coordinates to the party in a mausoleum. That way, everyone has to decrypt the clue.

1. Costume Tip: Paint yourself yellow, close your eyes, wander around, lost ... you're an eTrex!