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04-09-2009, 10:35 PM
It actually started out last week. I found a cache called Kids Cache #1. It was placed in the winter and when it all melted the hide was an island. I made a bridge and then it broke. I got wet. I didn't and couldn't put the cache back so I contacted the owner and kept it safe.

That's how I meet some really interesting people today. The first was Jason, the owner of Kids Cache #1. He is a great smart guy. Picked him up at his home and off we went. We talked about caching for hours. That was good.

We went out and looked for a few caches I had done and he couldn't find. They were long gone. That was bad. Then we went out and found a couple of caches. That was good.

We went by a cache we had determined was lost and saw MustangKay & Ponygirl04 out looking for it. We stopped and talked with them for a few minute. That was good.

Jason is into pirate stuff. He has a few pirate coins and those are wonderful. He also has been leaving some great swag. Doubloons of all things. Between him and me putting out gold nuggets and coins the caches in the area are getting some really cool swag. This is a good thing.

First time meeting three great people and having fun with gold. I think this may be a good year. These three are a wonderful addition to our family.

Team V3
04-10-2009, 04:38 PM
Sounds like a very fun day. Its always fun to meet other cachers out there and work together with them to find caches.