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07-07-2009, 10:19 PM
Not sure if folks know there is a recognition program with pins awarded for certain levels of finds on Earthcaches. For a long time they have awarded pins for certain levels of achievement if you sent your finds in.

Some of that is ending 8/1.09. So to learn more - go to Some of you may already be eligible for pins you have earned. Others may only be a cache or two away.

Just thought I would give every one a heads up. I am missing one state for an 3rd level pin - urghhhh - anyone for a road trip before 8/1!!!!??? Let me know.

07-08-2009, 06:13 AM
Thanks Lois,

I had seen the cool icons, but had no idea the levels were so reachable. My Bronze level application has been submitted.


07-08-2009, 06:50 AM
well, I have 19 EC finds, but they're all only in one state... and I'd have to hide a few. Do Co-Hides count???

07-22-2009, 12:34 PM
Very nice, I am only sorry I can't get the next level done before August 1st.

I have shared the info with others and at least two have submitted.

Thanks again Lois-Anne for the heads up.

07-22-2009, 12:48 PM
Yes ty from me as well. I've decided not to submit before August, because the publishing approval process takes atleast 3 weeks. And one pin doesn't do much for me w/out the other. I just wish they'd given more notice of this elimination, or allow you to purchase them if you qualify. The scrapbook will just look funny w/some rather than all. I'll just focus on the top two levels ;) Thank you for your encouragement in this area of geocaching Lois Ann.

07-22-2009, 01:36 PM
mine arrived yesterday - thanks for the info!

07-22-2009, 02:49 PM
Mine arrived as well. Now to try and get another Earthcache done in NH before 8/1. I have already published one. As I remember it - it didn't take 3 weeks.

Publishing Earthcaches has a few different twists over just a regular cache. But - it isn't all that hard and certainly rewarding in the end.