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09-07-2009, 07:35 PM
I noticed this several day old post on the forums:

At least three of these are in Maine.

Here is the cut and pasted email:

Many NEFF caches are now up for adoption! (These are, for the most part, wonderful caches through great wooded areas.)

Here's an email I just got. I do have Nate's permission to post it. Please contact him directly at

I no longer live near any of these but I thought some members of the geocaching community would want to preserve these wonderful caches. I know that the Townes Forest is an almost magical place, quite different from the civilized woods seen in Southern NH.



Greetings Paul,
This is Nate Cyrus with the New England Forestry Foundation inquiring on your status as a geocache steward for the Kettle Pond- Townes Forest caches. I understand that there has been little to no contact in the past year, for which I apologize, however, It would be great to hear your status on monitoring (even if it is discontinued). Also I have included a list of other geocaches that are without stewards if you would like to switch, take on a new one, or perhaps know people in the areas who would be interested. Thank you for the help!

Nate Cyrus

Beaver Meadow- Luce Forest (Winthrop, ME)
Rock Around The Pond- Rocky Pond (Boylston, MA)
Dog Central- Groton Place (Groton, MA)
Beaver Lookout- Hawk’s Hill Forest (East Barnard, VT)
Gale River Reserve- Gordon Forest (Lisbon, NH)
Mountain Spring- Rich Memorial Forest (Sandwich, NH)
Salty Flats- Arnold Family Forest (Freeport, ME)
Loon Nest- Allen Whitney Forest (Manchester, ME)
Heron Nest Pond- Mixter-Nields Forest (Hardwick, MA)
Moose Trail Creek- Horace Clark Forest (East Hartland, CT)
Moosewood Forest- Harnett Manhan Forest (East Hampton, MA)
Gilman Pond Dam- Bradley Draper Forest (Jaffrey, NH)
Beech Grove Gorge- Savage Forest (Reading, VT)
Timber Bluff Stream- Mountain Pond Forest (New Ipswich, NH)

09-07-2009, 08:29 PM
I posted a question a long time ago about this here: I think all the Maine caches have been adopted as far as I know. If not it is about time that that are.

Trick or Treat
09-07-2009, 09:24 PM
they may have adopted some of the early requests out, but a few days after I volunteered to adopt the Freeport cache, the intern sent a note saying the NEFF powers that be decided they had changed their mind about adoptions. They would prefer to have cachers commit to checking in on them and emailing NEFF if there is a problem. I think that they just haven't updated the request. The intern, who was my contact, is gone now so if there are any updates I haven't heard them.