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09-14-2009, 10:38 PM
Found about this site from squirrelcache. Found a few and hid a few. Fairly new to the sport. Immediatly became a donating member to help support the site - I figure I got my $15.00 back in fun already. It would be great if more folks supported the site financially. Can't wait to start visiting some of the "waterfalls in Maine" listed by brdad - what an awesome resource.

09-14-2009, 11:25 PM
Welcome to the site, Mike!

09-15-2009, 06:04 AM
Glad you decided to join the insanity!! Have fun, and's just a game.

09-15-2009, 06:21 AM
Welcome to the site and the addiction! Glad you like the waterfall cache list. I probably should update that today!

09-15-2009, 06:39 AM
Hi CoastieMike!!!

09-15-2009, 07:05 AM
Welcome Mike...good to see you. Our community here extends far beyond Maine. It's quite typical of many online. I've found the locals to be very helpful and willing to lend a hand. Don't be surprised if your finds/hides increase more rapidly when participating w/this group. It gets to be a Ton of fun.

09-15-2009, 07:23 AM
hello mike, welcome to the site. look forward to seeing you out on the trails

09-15-2009, 07:39 AM
welcome CoastieMike!

09-15-2009, 08:14 AM
Welcome, Mike. Enjoy the forum, enjoy caching.

09-15-2009, 08:22 AM
Run, run for your life! Run, before it takes over your life! It is too late for most of us, but you maybe able to save yourself.

09-15-2009, 08:39 AM