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11-16-2009, 04:01 PM
For those of you who are not using it yet. DropBox is a free multiplatform online storage and synchronization tool. How it works? You create a folder on your computer and place your files inside. These files are automatically copied to your online DropBox account and synced with other computers you've registered. This way you can continue your work on documents on other computers (work, home) You can also access your files using web interface. You can upload your files to public folder and share it with everyone you want or just with another DropBox user. It's perfect for sharing family or event pictures. You just copy your pictures to designated folder and it will automatically appear on your mom/daughter computer. That's it. My mom can't use computer so I set up DropBox account for her and every time I want to send her some pictures I just copy them to my computer and she will find it on her computer and vice versa. You may also put there your static web page without bothering with FTP or passwords or whatever. File transfer is protected using SSL encryption. Files are stored on servers using AES encryption. However for your private documents I recommend to use third party encryption tool. True Crypt containers work great, because only difference in files is transmitted instead of whole files over again. If you want to learn more please watch this video