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05-26-2010, 09:50 AM

This guys were doing a multicache and found a dead body while looking for one stage.

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05-26-2010, 10:15 AM
Part of the log is ROT13 which had to be decrypted before translating...

Czech to English translation via Google Translate (

[I do not know how to begin because this was completely ordinary catch.
Please not reading if you do not want to spoil an idyllic view of the geocaching game.]

This cache, we decided to fish together with other in Blansko. I came to the parking lot of here and went to the first stage, where we found a table with the evidence and tally next stage, which was located near the mini golf. Soon I found even this sign. We sat on the stone wall and numbered coordinates. After a moment, counting us something came and looked on as well. We also continued along the road, which gradually turned into a path and then only a small path up a steep hill. Sweating, we climbed the hill and got on a forest path. GPS still showed about 50 meters to the target. Arrow drove us somewhere among the trees and the hint we were looking for a big stump. Mirna breeze blew on us crazy smell, I thought about some animal or something, so we moved on. After a few meters, I zahlidnul something, first of all to man flashes his head that there is a corpse, but then it racionlani I can say I'm not in the back of the American soap opera, and that such things are happening here, and probably just lying there sure you homeless or something . Still, I went a little closer and unfortunately my first thought was confirmed, we ran into a dead man, who was there for some time pravedepobne lying. Smell was getting bad and look too much of anything. The only thing that is given to do was call the police. Came relatively quickly, about 15 minutes. After a cursory inspection places and entered basic data, called in colleagues from the criminal police, together with the expert. Unfortunately they were all at home so we had to wait on the ground. Meanwhile, we tried to find the cache after half an hour of unsuccessful searching, we began to think that I made some errors in computation, the drive motor to reference us went out the coordinates of about 150 meters next to where we have already found the cache. Meanwhile, I explained to the policeman, who had remained in place, what geocaching is and how it plays. After about half an hour to vyskrabrali the hill people from the criminal police and had not started for about a classic routine, take photos, watch around, to hear witnesses, etc.

I do not know what more I'd have said, perhaps just starting to believe the two reports that I read some time must return for a similar case from the U.S. and CR and the next time that I 'd rather have twice checked the coordinates.

05-26-2010, 10:46 AM
Figured it would be something along those lines. Amazing. I wouldn't want to find something like that, that's for sure.

05-26-2010, 04:07 PM
Marcipanek was just over in Prauge for two and a half weeks and came home last week. He's a Czech.... I was half expecting to see a log by him on this cache...