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10-10-2010, 06:43 PM
In honor of my friend Rick Towle,aka Attroll who with a few people that he met along the way, I took a trip today and summited Springer Mountain. On March 19th of this year Rick started his trek at Springer Mountain Ga and today on 10-10-10 he had plans of summiting Mount Katahdin. What an accomplishment for Rick. I can't imagine the feeling that he is having treking over 2100 miles and finally fullfilling his lifelong dream. I also had the privilege of hiking the last mile to Springer with 2 brothers who set out the 2nd week of June from Katahdin in Maine and joined them in their celebration of making it southbound to Springer in Georgia. Quite the feat!!! Way to go Rick!!!! We at GeocachingMaine are surely proud of your accomplishment and wish you the best in your next endeavors.

Here is a little montage of my trek to Springer Mountain Ga today.

Thanks for sharing your journal with all of us Rick and hope this will bring back some memories of your start although you will for sure
not forget your adventures. HAFFY

10-10-2010, 06:48 PM
Yes, well done and it truly is quite an accomplishment.

10-10-2010, 07:09 PM
Hey Johnny! Congrats on knocking off Springer. You headed to Nepal to go after some of the big boys next? Thanks to modern "technology" many of us having been following Rick's amazing efforts. He actually started his trek on March 19th and based on what I heard at the Rally yesterday and the event today, he'll summit tomorrow because he knew the lean-to was going to be a zoo last night. He hasn't logged anything since we saw him at the Eustis event, but he looked great and his hiking buddy Hopper has obviously been an inspiration and a great help to him in his efforts to get this done.

So hopefully, we'll all hear of a successful summit soon. Weather is cool this evening, but the wind of the last several days has let up so tomorrow should work out just fine!

10-10-2010, 07:14 PM
Wonder where I got the April 17th date? LOL I'll change it now thanks. Thanks for the update,oh by the way it was 86 here today, I sweat my ass off hiking.

10-11-2010, 08:42 PM
Very cool, John!

10-11-2010, 09:01 PM
Nice job on the pictures John...and congrats on climbing Springer.