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The Only Wanderer
06-25-2005, 10:13 PM
Howdy from southeastern Kansas!

My buddy attroll has been telling me for some time about his hobby and then he let me in on the fact that he had another site that pertained to this hobby and here I "is." That's how some of us talk down here in these her parts.

I lived up in Maine for about three months back in the summer of 2002 on Moosehead Lake in Greenville, I practically know everyone there still. I was hiking on and off the Appalachian Trail and painted Northwoods Outfitters. Took me a couple of months, dang place was humongus and the towns oldest building, I think....

When I give travelers directions around here, after I have given them directions, I always end it with "You can't get there from here." They always drive away kinda puzzled......can't help it, I'm hillbilly red neck and it's just in my blood to kinda put people off sometime...

Since I know nothing 'bout caching, I hope to pick up some information here and get to know you all. I like to "BS," so I hope i fit in....

06-26-2005, 07:05 AM
Welcome. I have a friend talks like you. Any questions dont hesistate. Good folks here.