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General Features - Creates, edits and deletes Tracklogs, Routes and Waypoints - Database with more than 280 different datums - The data can be stored in TXT , GTM and other formats - Calculates length, instantaneous and average speeds in tracklogs - Zoom in and Zoom out function - Moves the whole drawn map, only with the right button of the mouse - Shows on screen: the Waypoint name, comment or a comment in text box - Makes possible to change the background color, grad lines and Waypoints - Total navigation on the map image ! - Makes possible to insert several scanned map images in the background - True-Grid mode - Recognizes PCX5, Waypoint+, MapInfo®, ArcView®, and other formats. - Real Time Navigation function - Shows and Prints more than 190 different colored icons - Print in Scale - NMEA0183 Protocol for Real Time Navigation with others GPS models - Option of Name, Style and Color for Tracklogs - Catalog function that registers all the inserted images in GTM files - Autoload function of automatic loading of map images at Real Time Navigation (RTN) - Option to choose name, style and color of Tracklogs

Got this tip from a friend, looks interesting. I am reading the help file now.