View Full Version : Julie bug cache, Mount Battie's Earthcaches

06-14-2011, 07:29 PM
Di and I are looking at the Julie Bug cache and the earthcache at Ocean Lookout at the summit of Mt. Battie. We have a milestone coming up and want to do a special trip of some sort. I've looked at the maps and wonder whether it would be better to start lower at the campground trail that seems to zig zag to the summit, or drive to the next to the last parking spot near another Earthcache and hike in form there? How long will a round trip take from either spot? Do we need bottled oxygen? Can we rent a yak and couple of sherpas to do this hike? Seriously, if you've done this from either access point, let me know what you think...THANKS!:)

06-15-2011, 06:45 PM
We found these two caches on August 28, 2010. Upon entering the park we went left after the gate and parked, at I believe the first parking lot and walked up Megunticook trail. The trail was far from a direct/straight route. We came back on the Tablelands Trail which comes out on the park road near where Mount Battie Conglomerate Quartzite Earth Cache is located. The trail up was much less direct as it zigged and zagged, but was less steep. If I were to do the hike again I would probably take the Tablelands trail both ways. This trail was much more steep but direct. Neither one of us felt that the trail was any danger to either of us. I am not sure but I feel safe to say that the entire trip was about three hours, which included several breaks and a slow and enjoyable pace. The view at the top was spectacular and I encourage you to try to plan this trip on a day when the weather is sunny as the view goes forever. We took a backpack with water and snacks and spent a moderate time at the top which I would recommend. I hope that I have been helpful and would be willing to answer any specific questions that you would like to email. Have a great time.

06-15-2011, 08:34 PM
Thanks MoxieH for these details. While we don't have a set plan yet, looks like the TableLands trail is the way to go.