View Full Version : Don't discount Kansas, and don't discount it in Winter!

02-05-2012, 10:10 AM
As many of you know, Lee and I recently took a trip to the Kansas area. Many assume Kansas is a relatively flat area populated with farm after farm after farm. Well, ok, it is. But that's not all it is. Kansas does have some unique natural areas and some are even steep terrain. There is also a lot of history to be found in Kansas. For those that do not care for the long walks to caches or are not capable, many of the caches are near the road because so much of the land is private farm land. And the caches are not all mundane, many are placed at areas of interest historically or aesthetically. The key is to not be afraid to go off the paved roads to find the unique spots, and to make use of the favorite points. Most of the caches we found had at least 7 favorite points, it was well worth the research. Many of the dirt roads are passable at 50+ MPH, at least in Winter. There were a few we went down you could tell must be muddy after a rain but they were good driving for us. We found one of the good things about going in Winter other than less traffic and cheaper lodging was that we could see across the fields and see the farms that set bay back that would be obscured by the height of the crops in the growing season. We found Dodge City really rich in history and very well-done and unique caches. We didn't spend much time in the other cities but we liked the area enough that we would go back and do some more.

I have some pics on my facebook and might post some more there or here or somewhere...