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04-18-2012, 07:34 AM
I made a recent post that prompted me to ask this question.

What is the easiest cache you worked the most for and/or what is the hardest cache you have done the least work for?

The hardest I worked for an easy cache would be Remember the River Drivers II - Leonards Mills ( (GC1D4XW) by EvilHomer ( (1.5/2). We kayaked 6+ miles each way from Dean's Landing to do a cache you can easily park within 20 feet of.

The least I have worked for a hard cache, at least one of the most memorable, is Morse Mountain ( (GC5441) by Team Chucky Cheese ( (2/2.5). While doing this cache the right way is not incredibly hard, about a mile walk each way, I was tired and bummed to find out the parking lot was full, and then the parking attendant let me drive through the gate and allowed me to get the cache and park my truck in her parking spot to check out the beach. I returned years later with Lee and walked from parking as intended. This is a really great area, assuming permission can be obtained, someone should place another cache here!

04-18-2012, 02:31 PM
Wow, thanks for this question. Made me go back through and reread my notes. I have had so many great adventures on so many cache hunts it's great to reminise. It is hard to narrow it down.

Hardest easy cache would be either, Lo and's another micro (1.5/1.5) (Traditional)(Micro) GC1BVF6 (http://GC1BVF6) * I was new and didn't know what a bison tube was and didn't know how to run the GPSr* "I don't know the protocol on searching and then posting a not found. This was my 5th try. 3 times not really knowing how to set a wave point, and twice after I got some help learning my equipment that I have had for about 5 years. I just never used it this way before. Anyway great hide. My first Bison Tube. And the first time I was lead on a wild goose chase, but I finally found it. Thanks. Also I could not figure out the hint." or Meg's Mighty Mini Micro (1/1) (Traditional) (Micro) GC1E5D3 ( *It was an adventure* "Well I found it. This was my second try. I read and got hints as to it's location, however at 4 in the mourning I missed it.

I got it today. The micros are getting to be expensive for me now. I hate micros. It was about 1 in the afternoon. The weather was great. Then the trouble began. I found the micro and started to open it. Way too small. I fumbled the top and log. As I tried to capture it I lost my sunglasses over the edge in the water. As I was trying to grab them I lost the pen I had. As I shouted an exploitive. I noticed my GPSr teetering on the edge.

As I carefully by quickly made a grab for my Magellan I heard a plunk in the water. Hoping it was that damn micro by this time I looked down and it was mt hat. Another exploitive. I liked that hat. I hate micros.

I signed the log, and put it back where I found it. I hate micros. Really hate micros!

So if you happen to come across a nice cross pen, an old Maine State Fire Marshal's Office hat or an expensive set of sun glasses I will offer a reward. I hate micros!

And the bees were laughing at me.

Have I mentioned how much I hate micros? I really do."

The easiest hardest cache Nature Paddle (2/5) (Traditional) (Regular) GCGGRT (http://GCGGRT) *Walked to it but had a blast with a friend* "First no Nemo TB

Second, Holy Crap! This must be nice in the summer. Found the cache easy enough. Thank God. I brought a new cacher Raymond42 out on his first 5 terrain. It sure is a 5 especially without snowshoes. Now that was a trek and a half in. Cache is very secure. Frozen solid in place. Worked on it for several minutes then decided just to open it in place. That worked much better.

I wish I had saw Cano's pictures before we came out. The hat is still there. It must belong to MustangKay or Kymeejay. I should have picked it up.

We left some good swag. Cache is in good condition and winter friendly if you bring tools.

Arrived in Ekidokai's okeydokey mobile TB"

04-19-2012, 06:02 PM
HAHAHAHAH @ BRDAD! Glad you enjoyed it though. :)