View Full Version : Double header weekend coming up

01-23-2013, 07:19 AM
There are two events this weekend. Both are indoors. One in Bangor at the Sea Dog. Woof Out ll !!!!!! ( (GC40EXN) by 3Woofs (

And the other in Windsor at the School. Celebrate 2012 - Mayan Apocalypse - NOT! ( (GC4347F) by Kaching Karen (

Make one or the other or BOTH. I plan to be at both and I hope to see some new faces. Not just just the same old ones! :p:rolleyes::eek:

As usual if there is a caching event then food will be a major part of it. Especially on Sunday as it is a potluck.

01-23-2013, 01:38 PM
It is so cold the ice is freezing. Looking forward to these.