View Full Version : Labor Day Weekend at Indian Pond Greenville/Rockwood

08-30-2005, 06:25 PM
While not technically a cache evevnt, I plan on spending Labor Day Weekend (Fri. through Mon.) on Indian Pond on one of the islands. This pond is home to my newest cache hide; Indian Pond Underwater Railroad ( (GCQ8T) which by the way has not yet been found. There are also some other new caches that have been placed all along the way to the Greenville area (by others). I extend an invitation to anyone visiting the area and planning on finding my cache to look me up while visiting the pond, I will leave the co-ords to where I will be camping in the first cache of this multi.
p.s. I may have an adult beverage to share with the FTF.:cool:

08-30-2005, 06:42 PM
We will be camping at the Big Eddy up where the Golden and Telos Rds meet. I wish I was able to get over that way but alas it most likely won't be happening. We instead will make a trek into the trains between Chamberlain and Eagle Lakes. I was just there back in July but can't wait to go again. Since I got all the caches up there but one it will be more of a family weekend anyway. Have fun... :cool: