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07-08-2004, 02:13 PM
I thought I would sort of give a brief trip report for our trip that we did Tuesday and Wednesday this week with The G Team and Mainiac1957. Mainiac1957 dubbed us The Expeditionary Team. We started by meeting at The Big Indian in Skowhegan and had breakfast up the road a little. The G Team brought there computer in because they had all the waypoints in it for the areas we were planning on hitting. So between The G Teams computer and Mainiac1957’s Palm pilot we were all set for the weekend. Boy I was impressed with his palm pilot. We had hit most of the caches from Solon to The Forks but after looking over the computer that The G Team brought I saw a couple I missed. There was still quite a few that Brad(Mainiac1957) and Mike(The G Team) had not hit so I did not mind tagging along while we did them. This was all about being together and having fun and spending time with good people.

On Tuesday we hit the following caches:

Big Indian Cache (

Embden Petroglyphs (
This was neat. There were old Indian carvings on the roack near by.

After the Fall (
Half Here - Half There (
Can You Gadabout Gaddis? (
Houston Brook Falls (

WW II POW Camp (
This was an old WWII German prisonor of war camp. There are some remains left over still.

Loose Moose (
Top of the Valley (

Mainiac1957 was supposed to leave after we did the cache “Top of the Valley” Tuesday afternoon and head home. But he decided to stay with us for the night. I don’t know if it was because he was having a good time or he knew we had decided to change our plans and cache the B52 Crash site Wednesday. I am hoping that it was that he was having a good time with us. LOL.

Tuesday night we stay at a nice place in Caratunk called Rivers and Trails. The owner Steve Longley has a couple cabins and you can pitch tents on his property for $7 per person. He has a fire pit and wood for use. I highly recommend this place to anyone. Steve is a very friendly person. He also runs the ferry service that shuttles Appalachian Trail hikers back and forth across the KennebecRiver by canoe during the day. So there are times that his store/business may be closed. If you would like his phone number I will let you know so you can make arrangements if you would like to stay there.

We set up campTuesday night and cooked hotdogs over the campfire and stayed up and sat around the fire for quite some time just talking and having a good time.

Wednesday we heated out at 7:30 for breakfast in Bingham and on to the Greenville area. We hit the following caches Wednesday.

Another Reason to Stop (
Wyman view (
Every Town Gave (
3 Michiganders in ME (
Gateway to Moosehead (

Twisted Sister Cedar Stump (
The kids decided to go swimming here because there is a very nice swimming area near the cache until a leach was spotted. But we finally coaxed them into swimming.

A Clean Slate (
When we got to the cache “Clean Slate” we had the opportunity to watch some local kids jump of the state quarry cliffs in the quarry that had filled with water. They said that the highest cliff was 55 feet. One of the kids jumped it. When we left another one was going to but he kept running back and for to the edge and stopping. He was scared. I don’t know if he ever did jump. But they did a lot of jumping at a lower level. Chris(Lil Devil) in our group jumped off two times but at a much lower level on the cliffs.

Heselton Street Walking Trail (
Kennebec Banks Cache (

Over all we as the Blazing Trolls had a great time. We had a very good group of people with us. I look forward to doing this again with The Expeditionary Team if everyone is willing.

07-08-2004, 05:02 PM
Sounds like you guys had quite an adventure. Might have to try one of those mini-expeditions some time!


07-08-2004, 10:43 PM
As the other half of the Blazing Trolls I for one cannot wait for another adventure !! :cool: It was an awesome time !! And we found lots of caches too!!

The G Team
07-09-2004, 09:18 AM
The tent's dried out, trucks cleaned out, and we're ready to go again! Caching with a small group is gread fun, and allows one to go after caches in outlying areas with a little more confidence.

I most enjoy caches with great views and/or historical significance, and we found plenty of both on this trip. Anyone who hasn't ventured up the Rt. 201 corridor should take a day or two and do so.

Thanks again to The Blazing Trolls for organizing this trip, and to Mainiac1957 for bringing the entertaining GeoPups!

Michael, Lori, and Jen
The G Team

07-11-2004, 07:06 PM
Well... I just got in the house at 7:00 Sunday night. And yes I did stay because I was having too much fun. Since I left the team I also hit:

Center Hill Cache, Smalls Falls, Below Smalls Falls, You gotta see this, and Tumbledown Challange.

This was one exhausting week of hiking and caching. I love it. Thanks to everyone for making it fun. And by the way Mike, yes I do have you're other radio.

07-11-2004, 07:59 PM
Welcome back Mainiac1957. Tink and I did some more caches yesterday taking advantage of our vacation. We did 6 more. We were going to try and do 10 today to hit the 100 mark. But thinks came up and we did not get a chance. We only have 10 more to hit 100. No hurry though. It is not a numbers game to us it is just about having fun and getting out.

Oh guess what I bid on and won on ebay? I don't even think I have to tell you what it is. I am sure you know.

The G Team
07-11-2004, 08:25 PM
I know we were! But we were back at it today--was hoping to hit number 50, but got a DNF on the final one of the day, so still at 49.

Seems we can't go anywhere w/o losing something LOL! Will make some arrangement to retrieve the radio--a good excuse for a trip up your way :-)

Rick, I *know* what you won on eBay! I've been scoping out software for my new iPaq and it seems that GPXSonar is the Pocket PC equivalent of CacheMate for the Palm OS.

I spent some time yesterday and got the "caching along a route" thing pretty squared away. Use GSAK to import PQs, then export waypoints to 1) GPSr, and 2) to Microsoft Streets and Trips. Enter beginning and destination of your route (for instance, beginning in Fairfield, ending in Jackman), and do a "find closest points" (say, within 2 miles). This will add every cache waypoint that falls within that distance to your route. You may then print the map and/or written directions (road names and turns and distances) to each cache--what a time saver!

Also found a website that has all the PDA to GPSr cables, adapters, etc. It is:

I'll be ordering an iPaq to Magellan cable ASAP.