View Full Version : Who's that under my bridge cache

11-01-2005, 06:52 PM
What a perfect day for geocaching!!! 63 degrees, bright sun, no clouds, no bugs, just having to watch out for lots of jogging muggles. We headed down to the Portland area for five caches. This is just a note and Kudos put out to "Team Afrofish" for their "Who is that caching under my bridge?' cache GCR47P. Not that the others found weren't fun but this multi is really clever and the container is almost invisible. If you get into the area, it is well worth your time. Only disappointment was standing under the bridge and not having an oil tanker go through while we were there <G>

While finding the new "View over Casco Bay" we watched a couple from NH finding the other nearby cache. Fun to meet other cachers and trade good locations. They were from Keene, NH and gave us good ones to find over that way.

Anne / TwoMaineiacs