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07-21-2004, 02:59 PM
Some of you may know I like to collect signature items cachers leave behind in caches, and I also like to leave my own (The Photo Marbles and CDs shown on My Geocaching Pages ( I'd really like to see more cachers have sig items, especially the home made ones - it's a step above normal trade items!

Anyway, this post has a dual purpose. First off, If anyone would like to display/brag/tell about their sig items here, it would be great, I know I am still missing many.

Secondly, I am wondering who is placing the "Pocket Fishing Kits". I have seen several in Southern Maine, but can't seem to tell from the logs who is placing them. I picked the one shown below, the others I saw were in travel soap caches. looking at the logs, they placed more than one in some caches. All in all, a neat idea, but too bad the placer doesn't mark his name somewhere on the item!

07-21-2004, 04:43 PM
I too have seen those pocket fishing kits and just recently too so I went back in my logs to see if I could see who might have left them but I can't seem to find out either. And I am currently working on my signature item so hopefully I will have them to place in caches soon. Currently I have I think 5 signature items.Greenebbs,Brdad's,Misteelee's,Beachcombers,a nd a CITO kit from GeoMaine I think. Have seen other items in caches but don't take anything unless I can at least leave something.

07-21-2004, 04:59 PM
Signature items are the first thing I look for in a cache. I'm trying to collect a few too, but not being too successful at it yet! I've got 2!! hehe Found many of them without realizing their value.... :( Well, you know hindsight!

The second thing is cuteness! :p If its cute enough to sit on my monitor, I take it. (for a while, then trade off again)

I try not to TNLN too much... Some of the caches are getting on the skimpy side while others are full to the max. I'm always carrying trade items of some sort. Thank goodness for fast food kiddie meals to keep me in supply of items when I run out of siggy's.

07-22-2004, 08:15 AM
RULOST2? and I are working on a signature item based on one we found on one of our Canadian trips. Hopefully we'll have it out this summer.

I like signature items as well - especially ones that show some imagination such as the ones previously mentioned.

Got an idea? Go for it!

07-22-2004, 12:38 PM
We had a signature item all picked out and were going to start leaving Trolls in caches. But then we met someone at the geocache BBQ that was using Trolls as a signature item. So now we are looking at trying to find another signature item. We want something unique. We can not decide on anything yet. But it will come to us someday.

Beach Comber
07-22-2004, 12:55 PM
I leave sets of two thumbtacks that I have made from the findings I collect while beach combing. They are typically pieces of sea glass, bricks, rocks, shells, pottery, and other fun things I find. These are mini versions of products that I sell through my small business. Looks like this is an opportune time to refer you to my brdad!!

I, too, look for signature items and have gotten in a spat or two with fellow cachers about who gets to keep the one in the cache when we find one together - LOL. I also like to hear comments about the ones that I leave and see people looking for them.

I recently had someone mention that they went to a cache in Vermont hoping that I would be/have been there - I was spooked at first, thinking that perhaps they were following me (with ill intentions) and then I realized it was beacuse they had just had a little spat about who got my thumbtacks at another Vermont cache and were looking for more to settle the argument!! LOL I'm just a little paranoid - hehehe

A couple of others that I know about that I haven't seen mentioned yet are...
- decorated wooden nickles by NeonCouple
- small boats by noreasta

Great idea brdad!!