• Cache to the Sea

    Oatmeal and birdseed is cooking on the stove,unaware of oatmeal and birdseed for breakfast?Well its my start to most every day,oatmeal,millet,sunflower seeds,barley,flax seeds,wheat germ,and blue berries .I grind everything in a small coffee grinder add water boil for ten minutes,top with maple syrup and soy milk. Makes me hungry just talking about it.

    The boys,Louis and Jr. my two Maltese dogs are eating there breakfast.No birdseed for these guy's!!Good old dog food for them,plus a few dog bones.Got to have them bones.I think the dog food co. puts something addictive in them.Quick stop at the store for coffee and we are off.All this by 5.30 a.m.

    Last night I spent forever lining up caches to do from here to Saco.I finally manage to print off 30 that were not all that difficult or so I thought.My first one was Along the Brook,one of LT's that had been avoiding me.Seems the first time I was there ,I had some numbers backwards.Never having run across a"tex snowy twit"before its understandable.This time I was armed with all the right co-ords.There was a truck parked at the trailhead when i got there,no one in it.So I thought maybe I'll get to see my first cacher actually doing a cache.The reciever said only a few more feet to the cache when I spotted a movement in the bushes up ahead.The dogs haven't got a clue some one is right in front of them,they are quite the site,two drowned rats from the all wet bushes.I should mention that the brook resembles a raging river from all of last nights rain.So I'm real surprised to find out he guy in front of me isn't a cachers,but a fisherman.What he thought he was going to catch in that high water I'll never know.After he moved on,we found the cache with no problem.Wow a LT cache thats just normal!!

    On to Kingfield and Phillips.Stopped at a couple of yard sales,hard to get that Antique Dealer stuff out of my system altogether.Did the No coyotes cache next,easy find ,headed back out when I notice only one dog.Thats not good suppose to be two.No Louis!!Jr. will hardly ever leave my heals,but Louis thinks he knows everything about hiking in the woods.He doesn't.Great a good statt on the day,and now no dog.I'm thinking will probably be here most of the day looking for him.Walk out ot the car,no dog.Head back to the cache,no dog.I'm talking to no one in particular,but I'm mentioning things about what I may do to this dog if I can find jim.Then there he is,lookig like what's all the racket about,I was just out hiking!!

    The tempature is in the high eighties by the time we get to Ralph's Rock.Good that its in the shade and all down hill.Well at least it is on the way in,not so good on the way out.Found it rather easily,as those of you that have done it know,it would be hard to miss.Sure was glad we had air conditioning in the car when we got back.I was hot and so were the boys.

    0n to You gotta see this cache.This was one of the high lights of the day for me.This is why we geocache in my opion.Nice simple hide,in a great location.Some one had left Little Hook #2 TB at this site,couldn't resist this one.A huge chain hook with a TB tag on it.Love it.

    I had to go a few miles now without any caches ,because I had done some of these on my Rangeley trip a few weeks ago.Poor planning.On to Wilton and Jay.North Jay White Granite Park is the next one I'd like to mention.Again this is a good easy hide in a great location.The dogs loved this walk,no bushes to go through or logs to climb over.Nice mowed paths to walk on ,with just a slight uphill climb.If the tempature wasn't pushing the nineties this one would have been awesome.

    I'm not going to mention all of the caches we did here,as my two finger typing ability is starting to take its toll.I would like to mention Katadin Goddess"s Twin Bridges Cache because this one was well hidden in a area where there are a lot of geat spots to hide a small cache.Took a good twenty minutes to find this one,and I feel we just got lucky.Without seeming to preach the same old thing over and over ,good hide in a great location.

    The heat of the day is taking a toll on us,and I realize that there is no way we are going to get to Saco today.Head on into Auburn to do some "puppy's"Got five printed out,this will help the numbers.The first four are as you would expect them to be,quick stop and grabs.The last one I have printed off is SPELUNKY by Laughing Terry.Now I have to set the stage so to speak for this one.As I have already said we are HOT, TIRED and DEHYDRATED.Wanting to just do one more then head to Limington and call it a day.Maybe have my sister-in-law take me out to supper or something.'Cause this never did happen but thats a whole other story.Anyway on to spelunky he's not your average pup.No he doesn't like to live in a guard rail or a light post at Wally World,no not spelunky.Seems he's more of a woods type of dog.One might even say he even likes to play hide and seek in the woods.So I'm thinking -------Terry!!!I started the day with you and I,m going to finish it with you if we have to stay here all night.In all fairness its not that hard of a fimd,but at first I thought it was going to be.

    17 caches on a hot,hot day not to bad.And we did make it to Saco early in the morning on Sunday.Got back in time to go to my cousin's going away party in Hollis at noontime.Left there and found a few more caches on the way home.Back to Abbot by 8 p.m.27 caches for the weekend and lots of great memories to last a life time.
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