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    by Published on 05-10-2011 04:36 AM

    Florida Snow Chili Award Winning recipe from Sheraton Orlando North Hotel in Orlando, Florida

    1 Large Yellow Pepper
    1 Yellow Tomato ( These can be very hard to find so I will use a pale red one)
    1 Spanish onion
    8 Pepperoncini Peppers
    3 Boneless chicken breast halves
    4 to 5 Cloves of Garlic
    1tsp Cumin
    1.5 to 2 tsp white pepper (use less if less heat is desired, start with less and add it in to taste)
    1 Bay leaf

    Dice and sauté above ingredients in a large pan or skillet until pepper and onion are cooked.

    Then add:
    2 32oz cans Cream of mushroom soup
    2 15oz cans Chicken stock
    Heat these through for 15 minutes or so then add:

    3 15oz cans White kidney beans
    8oz Heavy cream

    When beans are heated through, serve and enjoy!
    by Published on 04-28-2011 11:10 AM

    Crock Pot MacNCheese – Get Useless in Eustis Way (2nd Annual Get Useless In Eustis Event)
    By hollora

    1# Macaroni (cook as directed on package), 2 – 8 oz. packages Shredded Mexican Cheese, 1 – 12 oz can Evaporated Milk, 1 C Regular Milk (1 used 1% milk), 1 can Cheddar Cheese Soup, 1 stick butter (I used 1/2 cup tub margarine), salt & pepper and I used a dash of garlic power and some onion powder. Melt the butter with the milk in the crock pot, add all the other ingredients except the macaroni and mix well, add cooked macaroni. Heat in crock pot on high, stirring a few times until cheese is all melted, and continue to heat until hot, bubbly and ready to serve.
    by Published on 04-28-2011 11:09 AM

    Pulled Pork (2nd Annual Get Useless In Eustis Event)
    By LisaS

    One jar bbq sauce, one can apple pie filling and 1 pork butt roast (4#) and cook in crock pot for 8 hrs on low - pull apart with 2 forks
    by Published on 04-28-2011 11:08 AM

    Dynamites (Requested on the Forums - after a discussion post)
    JustPJ66 - a family recipe

    Beef Marrow Bones( if you don’t start it with the marrow bones it wont be good)
    1 large bunch Celery, coarsely
    8 large Green Peppers coarsely
    2 pounds onions, coarsely chopped
    1 Tablespoon minced garlic
    ½ teaspoon Crushed Red Pepper
    1 Teaspoon Salt
    1 Teaspoon pepper
    1 large Can Crushed Tomatoes
    1 large can Tomato Paste
    1 small can Tomato Paste
    ¼ cup oil


    Boil bones, celery, peppers, onions, garlic, red pepper, salt and pepper, and oil in just enough water to cook vegetables. Be careful here use as little as you can get away with but be sure they are cooked.

    When they are all tender and cooked through remove the bone and add tomatoes and simmer while making meatballs. (see meatball recipe) After meatballs are added add tomato paste and simmer for about 2 hours on very low heat. Stir often to keep from scorching.

    This is normally served on a hotdog roll or can be used as a spaghetti sauce.
    by Published on 04-28-2011 11:08 AM

    a family recipe

    1 pound Hamburger
    1 Cup quick cook Oatmeal
    ¼ Teaspoon Salt
    ¼ Teaspoon minced garlic
    ½ Cup grated Parmesan Cheese
    2 Eggs


    Mix everything together and form into little balls. And brown in a frying pan and drop into Dynamite sauce (see Dynamite recipe) or bake in oven for 15 to 20 min at 350°F and use in store bought spaghetti sauce.