• Setting up Instant Email/Cell Phone Notifications

    As a premium Geocaching.Com member you can get Email and Cell Phone Notifications. Here is how to do that (I have had a lot of emails asking how I do it).

    You can get two types of current real time notifications. No one is able to get them before they are published, it just matters how you set your notifications up. It is important to set your home coordinates on your account page. Upper right corner.

    Now you need to set up your notifications. For email notifications do this:

    1. You need to go to your My Account page.
    2. Click on the Set Up Notification box located in the Premium Features Box (one of the blue framed boxes on the right hand side of the page).
    3. At the bottom of the new page click on "Create A New Notification)>
    4. A. Give your Notification a name (Traditional Email)
    B. Choose the type of Cache you want the notification for (Traditional)
    C. Set your home coordinates or home zip code (I use my home coordinates so I get exact distances in my notification)
    D. Set the Distance in miles you are interested in (up to 50 Miles) running for.
    E. Set the Email (Leave blank for your Default Email address at GC.Com).
    F. Check the enable notification box.
    G. Click "Create Notification" to get it up and running.

    You need to repeat this for each cache type you are interested in watching (Multicache, Unknown Cache(Thats mystery or puzzle caches), Events etc).

    Now for the real power move. You can set this up to also send notifications in the form of a text message to your Cell phone. You do everything the same as above except you put the text number in as the email address. I am on Verizon so my number is 207713XXXX@vtext.com. The part after the @ will be different depending on your carrier. If you don't know it check with your wireless carrier.

    You need to do this for each cache type you want to get notifications for. You will then get not only email notifications, but text phone alerts as well.

    There, now you have all the secrets of a Gob-ler. Well, maybe not all of them, but that will get you started.

    Actually, it is common knowledge, it is just not explained very well.

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      I did not make the last post, how did that happen?
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      I did not make the last post, how did that happen?
      We are converting some of the old articles into the new article format. The post is added by the forum software.
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      Thanks for the update, not a problem.