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  • Geocaching Maine QR Code

    Team2Hunt had an idea recently that the website should have a QR code which members could place on their cache pages and other documents to help promote the web site. Soon after Rick created this QR code.

    Feel free to add this QR code to your signature cards or other printed geocaching items. Just right click the image and choose Save image as... and save to your computer to use in your documents. To add this image to your cache pages, visit the Promoting GcMaine on Your Cache Page article.

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    1. cano's Avatar
      cano -
      use this one instead, it's smaller: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2807353/gmorg.png
      or if you want URL use this one: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2807353/gmorgurl.png

      Quote Originally Posted by brdad View Post
    1. cano's Avatar
      cano -
      use one of these instead:


      original one is either too big, or doesn't have schema.
    1. brdad's Avatar
      brdad -
      Thanks, I will add the smaller ones soon.
      Does the big one not work at all?
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