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  • These geocaches will give you goosebumps

    The World's 12 Spookiest Geocaches
    As a geocacher, evil nanos, tricky puzzles and even fake spiders may no longer surprise you. That’s why we’ve created a list of the world’s spookiest geocaches — geocaches guaranteed to make you shriek, shudder and have a frighteningly good time.

    Check Out the World's Spookiest Geocaches

    What’s the most frightening geocache you’ve found? Share your most terrifying tales on the Geocaching Facebook page.

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    One Souvenir with Popcorn on the Side, Please
    GIFF Weekend is right around the corner. Your popcorn is popped and your cell phone is off — but where do you go to see the films? Check out this bookmark list to find a registered GIFF Weekend Event near you.
    And added bonus: By attending a GIFF Weekend Event on November 5-8, you’ll not only see the magic of geocaching brought to the big (or small) screen, you’ll also earn a special GIFF Weekend souvenir.

    Log Your Will Attend Now