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  • November News

    6 Crazy Hacks for Old Geocache Containers
    To continue bringing delight to those who find them, geocaches require ongoing love, care and maintenance. For geocache owners, this can mean replacing a logbook, restocking swag or sometimes even swapping in a whole new container (gasp!).
    But never fear. Now you can retire your old geocache containers in style! They may not work as protection for your logbooks any longer, but that doesn't mean they can't be "upcycled" in creative ways. Check out these six ways to reuse some of the most common geocache containers.
    Then, check to see if your geocache needs maintenance. No one likes a soggy logbook!

    6 Crazy Hacks for Old Geocache Containers

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    Give the Gift of Geocaching — and Get a Free Trackable!
    Finding the perfect gifts for the geocachers in your life is kind of like finding a geocache — you earn a smiley for both. And good news: we have you covered. Find the perfect gifts for your geocaching friends at Shop Geocaching (U.S. only) or with one of our International Distribution Partners.

    We would also like to put an extra smile on your face this holiday season. For a limited time, when you make a qualified minimum purchase from one of the participating retailers, you will receive Free Limited Edition Green Travel Bugs®. The more you spend the more free trackables you will earn (while supplies last)!

    Shop our Holiday Gift Guide!

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    The Newest Country Souvenir: Lithuania
    The latest country souvenir you can add to your collection is here: Lithuania. This country is home to medieval castles, sandy beaches and, of course, plenty of geocaches. When you visit Lithuania, make sure you:
    - Walk the Curonian Spit. This long sand dune divides the Curonian Lagoon from the Baltic Sea.
    - Tour the towns along Lithuania’s border by following this geocache series.
    - Find a geocache in Lithuania’s capital, Vilnius, which is known for its medieval old town.
    Check out Lithuania’s most-favorited geocaches and learn more in this Guide to Geocaching in Lithuania.

    Pssst… Country souvenirs are virtual pieces of art that are displayed on your Geocaching profile page when you find a geocache in certain locations. We’ll announce three more new country souvenirs in the coming weeks.

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