Good Night Caches

  1. Ekidokai
    I'll start it off. Telltale Heart GCYY49 A lot of work went into this and if you go with the right people it can be a lot of fun. Right Tuna?

    Long walk into the woods. A little better marking could be done in my opinion, but great Cache still.
  2. Ekidokai
    Here is another one, After Dark Spark GC1JCVH This one was set up by a kid I think and it isn't really anything special.
  3. Ekidokai
    How about this one? Geo Zoo #7 - Night Cache! GC15RCZ I think this is a good cache for kids. This whole series was set up for newbies and kids and it is perfect for that. This is in a swampy area. Wear boots!
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