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    Moving overseas..2 caches archived...1 cache for adoption

    Hi all,
    We are moving overseas for a year. Today we visited two of our 5 caches, and uplifted and archived them. They have seen very little activity over the past year. Another two are "vacation"...
  2. Poll: Maine Geocoin Design

    Either would look great, but I favor the state seal (arf arf!)
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    The experience, definitely!

    Numbers are nice for milestones, but the best part is the great places we've seen around the country, and within 25 miles of our home.
  4. Poll: Love them both!

    I voted for Dirigo, but like the lighthouse design almost as much!
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    I especially love signature items - any and all...

    I especially love signature items - any and all kinds. haven't made it to an event cache in a very long time. When is the next one???
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    Relocating or changing existing caches

    My husband, our kids and I are mostly "local" geocachers, and there are lots of great caches within 20 miles or so of Brunswick. We also have a few on Swans Island (I'm still chagrined that...
  7. Hope to see U there

    We haven't been caching in a long time - maybe the weekend of the wing ding is the time to get started again ( or maybe before - see if we can find a TB or two to accompany us to the event). I will...
  8. Thread: Oh No!!

    by Mainepod

    I actually thought that the Prez had disabled the...

    I actually thought that the Prez had disabled the system around the time of the political conventions. Literally, one minute our GPS was working, and the next minute it couldn't find any satellites!...
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    2 TB's in limbo

    Two of our 3 travel bugs are in limbo. One was taken by someone who logged in at the cache and took the TB, but never logged in on line and never took it off the cache web site. I was sent their...
  10. What about a micro? Or a micro multi?

    I haven't yet walked the trail, but I wonder if a micro cache or a clever multi cache (are there any markers or items with numbers??) would be suitable. Having geocached in Chicago and fort myers,...
  11. Letterboxes near geocaches

    One of our caches is also near a letterbox (Salt Marsh Multi) We noted the letterbox in our description of the area, along with the letterboxing website. Some cachers have logged in for the...
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    GPSr recommendations

    Our GPS just died - a Garmin 45: it was 8 years old, so can't complain. I'm thinking of getting a Garmin gecko - just for basic geocaching. Don't need the bells and whistles. Are gecko's as...
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