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  1. Thread: RE: Las Vegas

    by Wolf207

    Vegas & Nevada

    I have never been to Vegas myself, but my co-worker has gone there a couple of times and here are a few things he has done outside of the strip.

    1. All I can say is DAM. The Hover Dam is a...
  2. Water over the Bridge

    It is good to see that miss-understandings can be straightened out. I apologize for stirring up any arguements. As mentioned before I am easy going and things that roll over me roll off my back...
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    Geo Caching Safety

    I am new to Geo Caching, but one concern I have is safety.Today there seems to be heavy security concerns everywhere you travel. Everyone is concerned about the next terrorist attack that will...
  4. Follow up to a recent post that was deleted in the "sell & buy" forum

    Everyone here seems to be quick to Judge after my recent posting of a Sea Kayak for sale.

    Only one user actually greeted me personally and without judgment. That person even took the time to ask...
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    Sea Kayak with Rudder Kit For Sale

    ***ITEM has SOLD***
    RED Sea Kayak in Excellent condition For Sale. It is about 17 feet long and has a rudder kit installed. It is only about two years old and has not been used very much.
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