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    Interesting . . . I had the same "discovery" of...

    Interesting . . . I had the same "discovery" of my TB that I've never released. Claimed by Geocacher "gummibjorn".
    After checking his profile and deleting his log, I went through his other...
  2. S o l d !

    Can't figure how do delete this thing, so I'll say it sold in less than 24 hours to a guy in Cheyenne, Wyoming for the price plus $20 shipping ($235).
    "Cached" the Postal Money Order yesterday, and...
  3. Garmin Rino® 530HCx for sale . . . like new.

    High-sensitivity GPS receiver, 5 watts GMRS transmit power, voice scrambler, vibrate mode, built-in basemap, microSD card slot, barometric altimeter, electronic compass, NOAA weather radio, color...
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