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  1. Searsport Shores Geocaching Event June 17-19

    Have you ever wondered what Geocaching was? Would you like a chance to try it without the expense of purchasing a GPS? Do you already geocache ...
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    Maine Coast Welcome Center Maps

    For cachers visiting Maine, we've uploaded our concierge maps so anyone may view and print maps showing area lodging & restaurants. Check out our MAPS HERE.
  3. Maine Coast Welcome Center Photo Contest

    The Maine Coast Welcome Center in Belfast, Maine is hosting a photo contest.

    Cachers get to the coolest locations and therefore... get great Photos!

    To update our web site with real photos of...
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    Relocating a cache

    The Maine Coast Welcome Center has moved from 139 to 169 Searsport Ave. I want to relocate the cache. I changed the coords and the cache became inactive. How do I get the coords updated?:confused:
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    GPS Map 76

    I've traded up from my original GPS Map 76 to a color model. So I want to find a home for my old one. It still works great, however one button is missing. ("Next" button, now change screen with...
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