I have a Garmin 60cs and it has the European basemap as its default.
This means that Maine (and the rest of the US) resembles the flat sandy waste of the Sahara!
So it looks like a large quantity of Her Majesty's Scottish Pound notes will be winging their way to the boys at Mapsource so that I can get Maine on the map!

I have Metroguide GB, and I can upload maps, draw routes on the pc and upload these to my unit without any problem. Does anyone know if I go ahead asd get Metroguide North America, will I be able to draw routes and upload these along with the relevent map sections in the way I can with my trusty Metroguide GB?

There is no mention of the 60cs in the compatibility section of Garmins page on Metroguide North America here Is this simply because you can't use the autorouting function?

Any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated.