wbdent I started this thread for the planning of our even that we are going to hold in June of this year. It will be “Slipping into Summer 2”. Tink and I are planning on doing something different that has not been done at a cache event before and we need to get a head count on how many people are actually planning on coming to this event. This head count is imperative to what we are planning on doing. If we do not get a good head count then we will not be able to do what we are planning. I am sorry but I will not say what it is just yet. I will post more about this after we get a head count and do the research into what we are planning on doing. The initial head count will get us rolling. I think once we announce what we are planning on doing then the head count will increase. But we need this for a starter. So please if you know you are going to come and are going to make every effort to attend please let us know the head count for your family/group that will come with you.